Welcome to The Astral World.

Finally sifting through some of the mounds of submissions now that I have some free time. Keep them coming and I'll try to post as much as I can.

The Astral World's Latest Articles

Dreams and OBE's Letter 13 - OBE's and a Beloved Marine

Black Eyed Children - A Strange Encounter - Visitor Submission

Dreams and OBE's Letter 9 - Different OBE Technique - Wings! **Updated!**

Possessed Doll and a Ouija Board - Visitor submission

Dreams & OBE's Letter 12 - Seeing the same spirit during astral projections.

Photographing Auras from Plants - Plants and Kirlian Photography

Kirlian Photography Example - A Personal Look at My Own Aura

Ghost and Jerry - Visitor submitted ghost story

Dreams & OBE's Letter 11 - The best thing I have ever experienced! - Visitor submission

Bobbie Want a Cracker? - Visitor submission

Sun and Moon on the Ouija Board - Submitted Insight

Dreams & OBE's Letter 10 - Magicians Needed - Physicians need not apply, but ask your doctor...

Had a Mysterious Experience of Your Own??

Send it in!

That also goes for article submissions or even tips on how to improve the website!

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