My Name is Furva Rhosyn

I am a modern witch.

Who am I?

My name is Furva Rhosyn, and I have created this site to help those searching for information or resources regarding the Wiccan Craft. I have extensive knowledge to share, and have included the majority of my expertise in the pages of this site in the hope that it will be of some help to you.

Whether you are just starting out, and have no yet cast your first successful spell, or you are a seasoned practitioner, there will be resources available for you here.

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What is Wicca?

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Wicca is a pagan/witchcraft religion that became more prominent in the later portion of 20th century. Developed by a man named Gerald Gardner, Wicca was introduced officially in 1954. It is...

What the Athame is Used For

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What is the Athameand what is it used for? Today I will be discussing the importance of the Athame in Wiccan rituals. A typical athame will be a double edged...

Biggest Mental Roadblocks When it Comes to Spell Casting

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Some of the Biggest Mental Roadblockswhen it comes to spell casting This will be a quick post that outlines some of the biggest roadblocks I have encountered when I try...

Wiccan Holidays

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Wiccan Holidaysexplained and listed Wiccan Holidays are shown via the graphic to the left of the page, which is called: The Wheel of the Year. Typically, those practicing Wicca will...