The Dropa Stones have become one of those conspiracy theory, alien u.f.o. crash cover-up, nobody gets any answers kind of things. As intriguing as it first appears, the more you look into it, the more it looks like it could be a hoax. I'd love to know it wasn't one, but so far I think the scale weighs heavily in the skeptics' favour.
   As you search on the net, you'll see the same story written over and over. All these other so-called web-masters can't write anything for themselves so they just copy and paste entire stories from other websites with little effort of their own and no credit given.

2 Different Stories

   There's 2 stories you'll find. One starts off in 1938 with a team of archaeologists "conducting a very detailed routine survey of a series of interlocking caves." The other starts off with some Beijing professor who was "leading some of his students on an expedition to survey a series of interlinking caves." This second one goes into what seems an entirely fictional account of the feelings the translator had as he deciphered the language on the discs. What language? Oh yeah, forgot to mention that. I'm just going to copy and paste the first story on to a separate page without giving credit where it's due because I have no idea who the original author was, and if I did, I wouldn't take the whole story word for word... I've listed the arguments for and against the Dropa Stones' legitamacy below.

Click here if you're unfamiliar with the Dropa story or just need to refresh your memory.

   Like I said, the other story sounds completely made-up and I don't think it even deserves to get printed. This whole business on the Dropa Stones goes so far as to having someone - probably some internet fame-seeker - writing as though he's one of the Dropas, and he's using perfect English. He pretty much takes the above story and turns it around so that it's in his words - hardly enough to even get a link from me with. Remember, don't believe everything you read on the net.

Arguments FOR the Dropa Stones:

  • Chinese Government - nuff said? No? Should we bring up SARS? Toxic oil spills? Jail time for talking about their commie government? A huge cover-up by those bastards could be easily imagined.
  • Local legends corroborate the story of a tribe of ugly, big-headed dwarfs coming from the clouds.
  • There are supposed Dropa and Ham tribes which are true pygmies with average height around 4'2" and with a weight between 38 and 52 pounds.
  • Some tribes do claim to come from other worlds, however, this alien belief also happens in many primitive tribes around the world.

Arguments AGAINST the Dropa Stones:

  • Any serious researcher who has looked into this has called the evidence groundless. There is nothing to genuinely support any claims.
  • The actual Dropa tribe are regular sized herders.
  • There are reports of dwarfism around rural China due to high levels of chemicals in the drinking water.
  • The Chinese museums have no record of any of these discs being stored there.
  • Russian government also has no records of any discs being studied. (Again, could that be similar to the Chinese government problems above?)
  • Tsum Um Nui is actually a Japanese name adapted to Chinese. There are no reports Dr. Tsum Um Nui even existed.
  • The Egyptian language was not understood until the discovery of the Rosetta Stone. Hundreds, if not thousands of people had tried to translate the hieroglyphs without success before that. How could 1 man translate 716 discs in his spare time.
  • Stone discs? Wouldn't an advanced alien species make their spaceships out of steel? Where's the rest of the crash debris? Stone discs and nothing else?
  • According to Wikipedia, the photos people claim are Dropa Stones, are really known as Bi Disks. There have been thousands of these disks found across Southeastern China. These Bi Disks can be anywhere from a few inches to a few feet, are usually made of nephrite or jade and have a small hole in the center. These discs date back to 3000 B.C. The discs were usually buried beneath the feet of the deceased. After the Shang Dynasty, the discs eventually took on some extravigant carvings such as dragons and snakes. There have been no discs found which contain delicate writing or spiral grooves having anything to do with the Dropas.
  • Like the sentence above, you can't see anything resembling heiroglyphs in the pictures posted here - which are the only pictures you'll find anywhere of not only the discs, but the Dropa/Ham tribe (whichever one they truly are I don't even know for sure anymore).
  • The Peking Academy of Pre-History never existed.
  • The pictures show discs of different sizes, not exactly 9 or 12 inches depending on which version you're reading. The picture with the chairs (top of page) shows a disc the size of the chair it's sitting on. Also note the gold colour on the one photo. Is that a trick of the flash? I thought these were all stone?
  • This Dalai Lama picture (right) which has circulated the globe via internet is a fake. The story claims the old man is Dr. Karyl Robin-Evans, another possibly fictitious character who supposedly researched the Dropa Stones sometime after they were found. According to some reports, Evans, if he lived, died in the 70's. This is the current Dalai Lama and obviously not an old photograph. Is that a laptop they're looking at?
  • And the killer of it all, it was supposedly fabricated by Erich Von Daniken. His 1968 book, Chariot of the Gods, was the first ever mention of the Dropas story. Names and places in his book can not be corroborated. He also claims his main source for information as the Soviet sci-fi writer Alexander Kazantsev. Kazantsev says it's the other way around and that Daniken told him the story first. Either way, it's bastards like Daniken who shouldn't be allowed a pen or a keyboard.


   There will be people out there that, despite all the evidence against, will still believe with all their hearts that there's something to this story. They'll blame everyone and everything they can and claim some huge conspiratorial cover-up when their only information started as a story and a bunch of forum posts on the net. I'm laying the facts down here the way I see them and leave it for you to decide. I'm still not completely convinced it's a total lie myself - there seems to be something else involved whether it's extraterrestrial or not. The Dropas controversy will probably go down in history as another one of those unsolved riddles. You'll always have the people fighting for it because they want to believe and the skeptics who will always call it fabricated. I hate to say it, but I think I'm a skeptic myself when it comes to the Dropa Stones - there's no evidence.

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