Sometimes things slip by me for years before I come across it. The Starchild is one of those rare occasions. Unlike Templar Mysteries, where the more you read into something the more you learn, the Starchild is one of those famous mysteries that I never stumbled on until recently. Of all the things to miss, this is probably - in my eyes - the Holy Grail of the alien world! What more proof can someone need besides a live specimen dragged to the scientists by its alien father's hands! Provided the skull is genuinely of an alien species, of course.

The Starchild Story

   If you've never heard of the Starchild either, let me explain. As the story goes, sometime in the 1930's, a teenage American/Mexican girl was visiting her family in a small village close to Chihuahua, Mexico. She went into some off-limits mine shafts. As she searched around in there she came across a woman's skeleton lying on the ground. The skeleton was holding on to the hand of another smaller skeleton who's arm was coming out of the ground, the rest of the child's body being buried next to her.
   The girl began digging around the buried skeleton and soon came across the remains. It was a deformed skeleton of a young child. She took both the skulls and kept them until she died, when they were given to another American man who kept them for 5 years before giving them to another American couple who now have them.

The Starchild Comes into the Public Eye

   In February, 1999, the owner's showed the skulls to Lloyd Pye. He initially believed the child to be victim of some kind of deformity. On further inspection, he realized that the deformities were too symmetrical and that everything looked beautifully shaped.
   Since then Lloyd Pye has been in charge of the Starchild Project. They have used donations to have DNA testing done to which no conclusive results have been reached.

Indian Legends

   The skulls date to about 900 years ago. Indian legends throughout South and Central America tell of "star-beings" coming down from heaven to impregnate certain women in remote villages. After raising these half-human children to about the age of 6, the "star-beings" would come down and steal the children back to do who-knows-what to them.
   As for possible diseases, nothing compares to the exactness of the Starchild's skull. All known genetic deformities don't usually cause such a symmetrical shape as in the Starchild case. Binding, like the Chinese would do to a female child's feet would leave scars on the bone.

General View of the Starchild

   The popular belief, myself included, is that the woman (DNA testing shows no maternal relationship) knew beforehand that aliens were coming to claim the child. Rather than be separated and lose her(?) child she ran and hid in the caves. She killed the child, buried her in a shallow grave leaving her arm to hang out, then poisoned herself and died peacefully, holding on to her childs hand. It's almost a heart-wrenching story.

Starchild Project - If you want to know more about the Starchild, the DNA testing, the comparisons in head sizes and other features, or if you'd like to contribute to the funding of the project, this is the official Starchild page maintained by Lloyd Pye. There's lots of good information here to read through.

All pictures are used with permission from the Starchild Project.

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