Keith Ranville - The man behind the theory

   This is a completely new theory on the Oak Island Money Pit mystery put forth by a Canadian man named Keith Ranville. When he first contacted me I almost deleted it thinking it was spam but after reading into it a little more he really caught my interest. He has since been keeping me posted with the latest news and there will surely be more to come so all I can give you is what I know so far.

The new theory

   For over 200 years people have been trying to dig to the bottom of the Oak Island Money Pit with no luck. What First Nations researcher Keith Ranville has theorized is that even if someone eventually makes it to the bottom, they will only find a decoy pit. The original stone inscription found in the pit was deciphered as reading, "forty feet below 2 million pounds are buried." Keith Ranville, with his Native American background, has claimed to have re-deciphered the inscription and says it is actually pointing to Birch Island - 2 islands away from Oak Island.

A big triangle

   Keith Ranville's interpretation is that the first triangle in the inscription points to Birch Island while the rest deals with engineering patterns. He believes that another tunnel possibly branches off from the money pit and finds its way to Birch Island. Whether the tunnel needs to be followed from one island to the other or if they'll just start digging straight from Birch Island I'm not sure of but I've emailed Keith this question and will hopefully have an answer soon.

Keith's Answer


I want to be clear on something. Do you think there's another tunnel going from Oak Island to the other that would need to be followed in order to find the treasure or would the digging start right from Birch Island?


The tunnel from the money pit goes to the smith cove, it directs you towards the right angle of the triangle on Birch Island to triangles, right angle of triangle then two doors left of the triangle two doors right of the triangle etc., so the tunnels start at the two angles east to west of the triangle.

The new translation

   Here's a copy of the new translation:

The new translation reads:

Triangles, two angles, divides, south/north, at triangles right angles, two doors left of triangle, two doors right of triangle, upper, two, tunnels, divides, doors, triangles, doors, divides, upper/lower, three, tunnels.

Tunnel, three, divides, into, half&half, divides, to, into, shafts, in, one, south/north, two, upper, to, south/north, third, second, shafts.

Pirate roots?

   Keith also supplied this sketch with his own idea of the stone skull etching found on Oak Island. Of all the theories of the money pit, I've been a little biased towards the pre-Columbus Templars theory, but this here gives a little more credit to the pirates theory.

Support for the project in the works

   The work of Keith Ranville is paying off. The more I thought about this the more intriguing it became and I'm not the only one interested. It has made it in the newspapers (which I will receive a copy of), it has received a letter of recommendation from Dalhousie University and various other letters of support from officials stating it is a matter of Canadian history that should be further researched. As more information becomes available on the new Oak Island Money Pit theory regarding the switch to Birch Island I'll be sure to post it.

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