Anyone who has researched OBE's on the internet in the past will be familiar with the name Alfred Ballabene. The dedication he showed in maintaining his site for so long was a great help to so many of us. The website, Ballabene's Astral Pages, was ad-free and very informative. Last I looked before the site was taken down, he was close to 400 posted replies to letters he had received.
   His site is now back up and running, but unfortunately, he's only maintaining it in his native German language due to all the English spam.
   If it weren't for Alfred's pages, I would still be scared out of my whits every night as I drifted into paralysis as I fell asleep. Thank you, Alfred, for helping myself and countless others.


   Alfred has been kind enough to give permission to have his old articles posted on The Astral World! I'm sure many more people will now be able to benefit from his works as I did years ago. He's also given me a zipped file of his hundreds-of-letters collection and I may be posting some of these as time permits. There's hours worth of information included and you can easily spend some time reading them. Once again, thank you, Alfred.

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