So you want to try having an astral projection but don't know how, eh? Here's some astral projection techniques for you. I'll talk mainly about my usual one, of course, but there's a couple other techniques you can try out as well. For some people, this comes naturally, others have to work at it for a long time and still they don't find results. Let me tell you though - anyone can do it! If you're having trouble starting off your astral travels, keep trying because it's completely worth it. I have times where I'll go as long as 6 months with only 1 or 2 lousy little projections. This can be very discouraging but if you keep trying it will happen. At the time of writing this I've gone probably 2 months without an astral projection that I knew for sure wasn't a dream, but I still try all the time.

Sleep paralysis is a good thing!?

   For starters, if you have problems with sleep paralysis, believe it or not, you're probably a natural when it comes to obes. Yes, those dreadful nights are really a good thing and you probably don't know it. If you have these problems, you might want to read my article on sleep paralysis before continuing on here.

Eating and Drinking before an OBE

   When it comes to getting out of your body (obe - out-of-body-experience), there's many things that make this possible. For starters, the food you've eaten can have an effect. If you're going to bed full or if you've eaten a lot of spicy foods during the day you're probably going to have trouble. I remember one time in particular where I'd pigged out on pizza (mmmm...) and I was able to get out of my body but I was stuck at the stomach. It just happened that my live-in spirit, Diane, was standing at the end of the bed watching me struggle. I'll finish more about that story somewhere else since you probably don't care much else than trying to have an obe right now.
   Anyway, the foods you eat can have an effect. You'll have to try and figure these out as you go along because it may be different from one person to the next. Also, caffeine is known to cause problems, however, I'm a Pepsiholic and I still have obe's after downing 3 Pepsis before bed. I think the caffeine will actually help keep your mind awake as your body drifts to sleep but the right dosage may be needed. I'd try it without first and see the results.
   With my healthy Pepsi habits said and done, let's get to the good stuff. There are a number of different techniques people use to have an astral projection. I'm going to start off with the best-tested technique I know of - my own! I'll give you a couple other ways I've found but the way I do it is generally the easiest and most common one. I have some techniques of my own I use so I'll throw those in. I personally like sharing my secrets for things like this.

Lying Down and Relaxing

   I start by lying down (obviously) with my head on a single pillow and the covers pulled up to my neck. Too much heat or cold can also have an effect so it's best to be just comfortable. By the way, make sure you've drained your bladder before even attempting to crawl under the covers because that little urge to urinate will be extremely intense during an astral projection and you'll wake up. OK, so we're lying down flat on our backs. Ideally, our heads should be pointed north but this isn't always possible. I keep my body completely straight and rest my hands on either side of my groin area (get your mind out of the gutter!). Sometimes if I'm just taking a nap and wearing my jeans I'll let my hands hang from the pockets. Either way make sure you're completely comfortable and relaxed. Also, remember not to cross your legs since this somehow messes with the energy fields.

Concentrate on your breathing

   I then start by getting some deep breaths in. I keep trying until I get the perfect breath (sometimes mixed with a yawn) that stretches your lungs with that great breath feeling (does that make sense?). Once I've hit this point I let my breathing slow down to nothing. I try to get my breaths to last from 3-5 seconds in and 3-5 seconds out. I don't usually count the seconds, I just know. These are not deep, heavy breaths. These are so light that others will think you're sleeping and you won't hardly feel the air flowing in and out. I think this in some way is also tricking your body.

Focus on the blackness behind your eyelids

   Once I have concentrated on getting my breathing down to nothing, I then focus on the blackness behind the eyes. If you slightly roll your eyes up towards your forehead you'll notice the black becomes blacker. Focus on the blackness until you don't notice that you're rolling your eyes. All in all, the breathing - once perfected - and the focusing on the blackness should only last a few seconds. Next you'll want to start your visualization techniques.

Visualization Techniques

   I have 2 methods for this part depending on the sleepiness I'm feeling. When I'm having trouble falling asleep and getting my mind to stay focused I try to picture some kind of cartoon figures. Anything from a dog to a clown or even some creature you've never heard of works. I flip through pictures of different cartoons in the blackness I'm looking at. They're not far away, I believe they're in what some people call "the mind's eye" but I could be wrong on that. Once the cartoons start to move on their own without your help you know that the dream state is taking over. It might sound harder than it really is, but I've kind of perfected this technique so I know it works the best for me.
   I should add that I normally use this technique when I'm having trouble getting my mind off things that happened throughout the day or things I'm worrying over. These can be anything like financial problems or family troubles. It's those things that keep you lying awake at night not being able to sleep. I often use that technique just to fall asleep when things get really bad. This technique is a good starter if you have trouble falling asleep but is actually a harder way to begin an obe. You have to catch yourself within the first few seconds that the cartoons move on their own. This is pretty much dreaming and you'll lose yourself quickly to sleep if you don't move on to step 2 immediately.

Counting down to your astral projection take-off

   If you're having no trouble falling asleep, it's usually better to skip that step completely and go straight to step 2 here. This also calls for another visual technique. You need to focus on something. A countdown of some kind usually works best. If you continue using the same technique, you will eventually know automatically that you're about to have an astral projection and it will all come more naturally and easily. My visuals for this looks like a number inside a ball. It's kind of like a white pool ball with a black number on the side looking at me. I found starting at 10 and working down to 1 was too much counting or not enough - who knows? - so for some strange reason I've used the countdown 3,3,3,2,2,2,1,1,1. I think somehow my mind tries harder to think as I count how many times I've shown myself each number. It keeps the focus higher and your mind a little more active. 3 numbers, 3 times each.
   If I lose focus or if the sleep paralysis doesn't set in, I immediately picture the first 3-ball again and start counting down. On good days I'll barely make it to the 2-balls and I'll be enjoying the tingling paralysis throughout my body. Those times I can often be 5 minutes from the time I lie down to the time I get out-of-body.

Sleep Paralysis sets in

   The tingling sensation I talk about I can only reference in the physical body to being something along the lines of your foot falling asleep - but a lot more enjoyable. You can feel the energy of the astral plane flowing through your body. By this point you should not be worrying about the blackness, numbers or, hopefully, your breathing. I sometimes start breathing heavier during this part and lose it all together by waking. Just keep your mind on the flow of energy you'll feel. If you've been terrified of this before knowing it was the beginning of an astral projection, this adjustment can be hard - I've gone through it myself. I now love this feeling but still do have times after all these years where I'll get some of that old fear back and I'll lose it.

Lifting out of your body

   At this stage you can often hear strange noises. It's usually a sound something like rushing water. You can sometimes hear knocking or other wierd noises. A lot of this gets into Kundalini which I won't go into here. As you picture yourself floating up out of your body, you will probably hear a loud crack or pop or bang of some sort. This is the sound of your astral body separating from your physical body. Although frightening to some people at first, this is the sound you want to hear.
   Now that you can feel the energy, don't worry about anything except floating out of your body. You might even be able to open your third eye (located in your forehead) or astral eyes as I like to call it. If everything's still dark - which it usually is - don't worry, the sight will come. Imagine yourself floating up above your body. Sometimes you will go so high that you're looking only inches away from the ceiling.

Rolling to your feet

   Whether you can see yet or not, think of yourself going down to the end of your bed in a huge arc. For some reason, this feels perfectly natural to me - even the first time I did it. It's kind of like being on a big ball and rolling feet-down to the ground. Don't fight to open your eyes if everything's still black. This happens sometimes. The less you try the better chance you'll have.

The strangest feeling you'll ever have in an astral projection

   First things first - turn around and look at your body lying in bed. If you're not able to do this on the first try or two, at least do it sometime in the future. Being able to look at yourself sleeping in bed is one of the wierdest things you'll ever experience. If you want, go up and study yourself.
   Another thing you should do on one of your first tries is to spot something in the room that you can verify when you wake up. This can be anything like a paper on the dresser, the position of your pillow (my first verification) or even the way a shirt is hanging over the laundry basket. Doing this and then checking it when you wake up is the best way to convince yourself that this astral projection really happened. Nobody will ever be able to convince you otherwise once you're able to verify it on your own - and that's a great reassurement for yourself.

Other astral projection techniques

   Now if you're having trouble using my technique or you would just like to use something else first, here's a couple more quick ideas for you. When it comes to my number-balls you can use pretty much anything you want, but numbers do tend to work the best because as you're reaching the end (#1 in my case) your mind will begin to automatically know that an astral projection is coming on. You can count sheep, cars or rocket ships - it doesn't matter.
   Rather than numbers, you can picture yourself in another place. This works best if you try using an imaginary place in your mind. Try a fountain or a park or anywhere peaceful. Just make sure you use the same place every time and you will eventually transfer your conciousness to that area. This doesn't always work the way you'd want it to. This can produce lucid dreams. I've got a technique for lucid dreaming in that article if you're interested.

The rollout method

   There's also the rollout method. I've used this technique a few times. It works best on those occasions where you're stuck. Just sort of get a rocking motion going and then continue to roll right over and out of your body. I use this most if I'm falling asleep on my side instead of my back. Most times you'll be rolling over sideways but I have heard tell of people being able to somersault instead - forwards or backwards. Using the sideways roll technique I once rolled right through the back of the couch - quite an amazing feat when it happens.

The Rope-climbing method

   The last astral projection technique I can think of right now is the rope-climbing method. I've never been able to get this one to work for myself although, I've only tried it a few times since the first way works for me. Some people actually find this method the easiest but it's whatever works for you. With the rope-climbing method, you're on your back, going through the first few steps I gave you earlier until you're at the visualizing step. You're going to want to imagine climbing a rope using just your hands. One hand over the other, over and over, slow and relaxed. Put all your effort into climbing that rope that's hanging above your chest. Feel your arms working as they climb and climb. If you're doing it right your astral body will pull itself up and leave your body behind - sometimes without you knowing it. I think this method is credited to Robert Bruce.
   Ok, I think we're done for now. If you end up using a completely different method, let me know and I'll post it here. Everyone needs some good astral projection techniques! Good luck with yours!


This method started out as a letter received from a visitor. There's a whole page on how to achieve an astral projection using wings here.

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