by Alfred Ballabene

The Plane of Dreamers, an hypothesis based on own experiences

   This plane is a stage for people, whose astral body is well enough developed to have gained the freedom of astral traveling, but who are not sufficient conscious in this state to act logic and in self awareness. This plane which is visited by those dreamers may not be confused with common dreams, which latter are a process of mere imagination in our brain.

   At the base of some occasions, while astral traveling, I tend to presume the existence of a plane of dreamers. These observed planes seemed to be a play-field of unconscious astral travelers, who misinterpreted their surrounding, mixing sensory inputs with their dreamed thoughts and emotions. Concentrated on their inner process, these astral travelers showed minor interest at surrounding and outside actions. Completely absorbed by their inner dream action, they neither had any tendency for communication nor to set any logic action.

© Alfred Ballabene, Vienna, 1998

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