Twice in my lifetime I have experienced what I thought was about to be an OBE. Both times were while I was going to sleep, I felt .....paralyzed but then I began feeling as if I were floating upward. It started at my feet and got as far as my nose but then I panicked because, since I was paralyzed, I thought I was dying.

Through reading on your website I have learned about the paralyzed part but what is the explanation for the floating part, should I give in to it the next time, and if so, how can I not panic?


The floating sensation is actually your spirit self detaching from the physical body. You are, in fact, floating at this point. Sometimes you keep going up through the roof other times you stop only a few feet above the bed and arch down to your feet at the end of the bed as though youíre rolling off a giant beach ball. The floating sensation also comes from transferring consciousness from the physical to the astral body. The astral body may only be an inch out of alignment with the physical body but it can be a very strange sensation. As for panicking, I always panicked during the sleep paralysis (before I knew what it was) until a friend said he loved the feeling and would give in to the sensations to help him fall asleep. As soon as I knew there were people out there that actually enjoyed paralysis I almost instantly became accustomed to it and the rest flows from there. How much fun do you think it would be to fly like Superman? Can you imagine how free you would feel to fly like the birds over rooftops and up to the moon if your heart desired? Those thoughts alone are enough to take the fear of the floating sensation away. Next time it happens youíll be overly excited knowing that itís your time to fly. Before you know it youíll be waking up because your heart was pumping too strongly in anticipation rather than fear.

Hope it helps and good luck,


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