A lot of people are afraid to try an astral projection. There's quite a few common fears that people run into. The most common are the fear of seeing ghosts or demons and the fear of having an evil spirit possess your body while you're away. I'll save the main fear subject for another article but give you the worst experience I've had which may not sound like much but it kept me inside my body for a year after that. There's also 1 other that really scared me at the time so I'll add that here as well. Remember, of all the obe's I've had, there's only been 2 in which I was really scared.

The first one

   The first was one of my initial astral projections. I was new to the art and was just discovering The Astral World. Right from the start of my astral projection I was drawn into some sort of old cabin style structure. Some skinny guy with tattered clothes hanging from his 80 pound body approached me. He reminded me of some kind of zombie out of a video game. He was trying to grab me while I fought to get away. The whole time it sounded like he was saying, "I want to hurt you." After about 10 seconds of this I woke up shaking. It was only then that I realized he was actually saying, "I won't hurt you." It had a slight accent and only sounded mean because that was what I was expecting. As for him trying to grab me, I do believe he was only trying to grab my shoulders to try and let me know it was OK but I was so frightened I took it all the wrong way. I think I actually ran into a lost soul that was looking for help and instead I became afraid and left him. I sometimes wonder if he's still waiting in the wooden shack for me to come back and help him out of there but I've never seen him again.
   Now for the scary one on my part. Again, you might think it's kind of funny since there's a teddy bear involved and you might even think the first one is scarier but this next one is by far the worst astral projection experience I've had yet and it pops into my mind every time I get out of body.

Seeing spirits on the other planes

   Whether you want to or not, you will run into a lot of spirits in your astral travels. It's just like walking down the street - you can't control who's out there and there's always good and bad people. It's the same in the other planes. The bad spirits are left on the lower planes, but unless you're a highly developed soul you'll spend most of your time in the lower planes. We have this instinctive fear of ghosts and this is something you will get over as you spend more time out of body. It's just like walking down a street. Most people will either be kind or just ignore you all together. You will also find people who are protective when you step into their territory - this is where my problem began.
   We all have at least 1 guardian angel watching over us and at my old house we had other spirits living there besides the guardians. I came to know many of these spirits and am not sure who really lived there or was just visiting at times. The one I wish I would have known better is who I believe to be my son's guardian angel. I've only met him on this one occasion but let me tell you it scared The Astral World out of me. At the time it was just myself and my son living in the house. I had full custody of him so it was always the 2 of us. Every night (and I still do this with all 3 now), I would check on him one last time before I went to bed. As I started my astral projections, the "checking-on" habit felt like something I should be doing during my obe's.

My worst astral projection experience

   I got out of my body that night but was having troubles. You'll notice sometimes that you feel like a blob and can't take on your physical human shape. I think if you were to see yourself in the "blob" state you would somehow be an orb rather than human shaped but it's a wierd feeling when it happens. So there I was kind of bouncing (rather than walking) into my son's room to check up on him before I left for the astral plane. As I went into his room there was a 3 foot tall teddy bear floating on its stomach looking down at my boy. To tell you the truth, it was an Alf doll - you remember the Alf series, don't you? Sometimes when you see something in the other planes, if you don't know what it is it will take on the shape of something you're familiar with. I'm not sure if this was the case but I know what I saw.
   My first reaction was that my son was having bad dreams and his guardian angel took on the shape of the teddy bear to try and calm him down. I approached slowly and Alf looked over at me. I looked down at my son and said, "I love you, sweet dreams." Since I was wrongly trying to use my mouth instead of my mind, it was just mumbled garbage that came out. Alf then took on a raging facial expression and my mind exploded with the growling words, "what did you say to him?" I looked at my son again and repeated the line which came out as just another bunch of mumbling. Again, louder this time, my mind exploded with the loudest demonic roar I've ever heard, "WHAT DID YOU SAY TO HIM?" I instantly got sucked back to my body and woke up shaking.

Did the spirit recognize me or not?

   I really do think that the guardian did not recognize me in my "blob" shape and was only looking out for my son. At the same time, I wondered if perhaps he didn't like me for some reason and that he didn't want me to get out of body. Wondering if your live-in spirit likes you or not isn't good encouragement for having an astral projection. For the next year, I fought off the sleep paralysis and didn't get out of my body no matter how hard my inner self tried. I didn't want to worry about running into that spirit again even if there was a misunderstanding and I was mistaken for someone bad. Can your own son's guardian angel not like you as a father or a person? I really don't know but I don't think so. I was never a horrible person and always treated my son good but to this day I'm still not sure.

Hopping back on the bike

   So after a while I started trying to have my obe's again. For the first while I would keep myself from levitating out and would just open my astral eyes and look around the room to make sure there were no spirits nearby. I did get a few but they were always good-hearted and let me know with a smile or a "look, he's out of his body" kind of surprised look. As time went on I would look around, see nobody, and then "book it" into the astral plane before any spirits found me in my own house. As my confidence slowly came back, I started venturing around the house again and even started making trips to my haunted upstairs (my son's room was on the main floor - we both stayed down there at first for that reason). So much good comes out of doing this that you eventually don't care about running into an evil Alf doll and you continue on where you left off before the bad time. I still haven't run into him a second time that I know of but I think I will one day and that'll be the end of this long-lived fear that somehow kept me from doing what I love doing.
   Again, let me stress that like in real life, there will always be times during obe's where you will have scary moments, but the good times make up for it far more than you can imagine without actually trying it. You'll just have to do it for yourself and see.

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