What's a paranormal site without some real ghost pictures? Nothing!
   Ok, I'm putting up some of the more famous ghost photos to make you all happy. I'll give credit and a story when the history and photographer of the ghost picture is known.
   If you have some of your own ghost pictures, feel free to send them in. I'm going to break them up into sections because it makes navigation through them much easier. It's also nice to have more than 1 ghost photo album.
   And as some of you might know after reading through the other articles on this site, I used to live in a real haunted house. And yes, I do have a photo or two with some wierd forms in them. There's no full apparitions but the usual mist and what-nots. Once I find them and get my scanner working, I'll get them uploaded here for you to see. They're not anything really scary or truly amazing, but I know they're not tampered with and totally real. I also have like 7 more roles of film from those days I never developed. Who knows if something else will show up.
   Now that you've read that, I hope you know that I don't show these pictures in hopes of proving ghosts are real - they are real! Nobody will ever tell me different because I've seen them, spoke with them and walked with them. Might as well tell me the earth is flat! So as you look through these ghost pictures, remember that it's not a question of if ghosts are real, but a question of whether or not the photo is real. Olden day ghost photos were a lot harder to fake. The days of PhotoShop are now here and it's hard to tell and easy to fake. Remember to keep an open mind when it comes to these pictures.
   Anyway, here you go with some ghost pictures:

Send your photos to doug@theastralworld.com
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Famous and Common Ghost Pictures

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