We've all heard tales and seen movies about Indian burial grounds but here's another creepy little story that comes from Mississauga which is just outside of Toronto, Canada. Two boys aged 11 & 13 complained to their mom about not being able to sleep because of a bright light shining into their bedroom window. The parents didn't believe them at first but investigated and confirmed that a strange light was coming from a back corner of their yard. The father dismissed it and told them there was nothing to worry about and it was left at that.

The Indian in the Window

   A few days later the boys ran into their parents' bedroom screaming that there was an Indian man staring through the window at them. Remember, these weren't little children but older boys - one of them already a teenager. It's a little harder to scare kids of this age but they insisted that they both saw an Indian man staring at them through the window. They even refused to sleep in their bedroom after that.

Call in the Psychic

   The parents figured something needed to be done so they found a local psychic and brought her in to investigate the property. The psychic was intrigued by the story so she came the next morning. In broad daylight she was able to see what had been frightening the two boys - an Indian man standing in the backyard. He was wearing nothing but a loincloth and headdress and his face was painted.

Living on Hallowed Ground

   The woman went to the City Hall to research on the history of the land and house. As it turned out, the back corner of their yard was touching an old burial ground of the Mississauga Indians. The psychic figured the Indian man was a witch doctor who was defending the tribe after death. Using automatic writing and a crystal ball the psychic persuaded the man to leave. In order to do this she had to convince him that no disrespect was meant by the family and that no harm to the sacred ground was intended. She told him that he could honourably end his guard duty and all would be fine. The disturbances ended and the boys were finally able to return to their room.

Not the End!

   But it didn't stop there. A few days later the same psychic was called for help by someone else looking for help. She went to visit the house and found it in the same neighbourhood as the last. This time it was far worse - more than half the property was on the burial ground! She entered the house and found it hard to breath due to pressure on her chest. The inhabitants of the house complained of cold blasts of air, bad fits of temper, dizzy spells and sick feelings. The once happy family was now always depressed and fighting and even the dog had turned mean and would whine and bark at nothing. Even the beautiful hardwood floors throughout the house had become mildewed and water-stained. The family was falling apart.

Call in the Witch

   The psychic was powerless this time - a good point for a true psychic to make. It was beyond her abilities to help the family so they called in a local witch to assist the psychic. Together they found a number of spirits in the house. The witch used ancient rites passed down by her family for generations to exorcise the spirits. There were at least 4 Indian spirits living in the house - at least 1 child who cried constantly. Again, the Indians felt the land was rightfully theirs and refused to leave. It took a few nights but they eventually agreed and reluctantly left the family in peace.

Back to Normal

   After the exorcism, the family's health improved. They stopped fighting all the time and went back to the cheery bunch they once were. The dog became happy again and the hardwood floors started looking elegant with treatment that worked. Since other houses were built around that same burial ground, it's only a matter of time before another haunting creeps up.

(Sheila Hervey - Canada Ghost to Ghost)

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