Another little story I liked that seemed worth including. It comes from Malaysia where superstitions often run high and tales get passed around easily. This particular one goes back to the early 70's in which a young Malaysian man was driving home in Kuala Lumpur. As he drove, he noticed a young girl walking down the side of the road. She waved her arms for him to stop and then asked him for a ride home. The man, seeing a pretty girl asking for a ride, readily accepted.
   As she sat next to him, he noticed that she was shivering so he offered her his coat which she draped around her shoulders. They pulled up to her house and she got out, thanking him for the ride and inviting him back to the house in the morning to retrieve his coat.
   The next morning, the man went to the house, partly for his coat and partly to see the young lady again. When he knocked on the door, an older couple answered. He told them the story and they said no girl lived there and no coat was left. He glanced behind them and saw a photograph of the young girl.
   "That's her, the girl in the picture!" he cried out.
   The woman said sadly, "That was our daughter. She was killed in a car accident a year ago when returning from a party."
   The man left it at that rather than cause trouble for the couple. He decided to check around and found out where the girl had been buried. He visited the graveyard and found a gravestone marking the burial place of the young girl. As he approached, he saw something hanging off the gravestone. Sure enough, it was his coat.
   Tall tale or ghost sighting?

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