by T Stokes

The British Royal Shakepeare company has produced a play based on Pres. Mugabe and his involvement in the Kendocki rites of African witchcraft, and recently legalised by him after a 107 year ban.

It has long been rumoured among the freelance exorcist community in Britain, alerted by gossip in top political circles, that a malevolent spirit summoned up to give protection to the Africa dictator, had taken inner possession of him

His attacks on his own people in Zimbabwe, formerly known as Rhodesia, and his seizures of wealth and rumours of cannibalism, have been the talk in the corridors of the U.N for some time.

The type of spirit is said to be an Ngozi, and psychiatrists have been attending him for some time for fear and depression, many crimes have been committed in his name but the spirit of would be president Josiah Tongogara has appeared to him at night with accusations of his murder, and of participating in “kendoki” the African cannibalistic witchcraft rites, behind the British evangelical churches scandal.

The play in Stratford on Avon will tell of other events in his life, such as the abandonment by his father, his wife and son dying, his long imprisonment during the 1960’s for communist activities, and of the enforced boyhood sodomy by catholic priests, which has given him a hatred of the church to the present day, that is only equalled by the church murders by communist forces in the Spanish civil war, for those priests who were keepers of young “ bum boys”

Zimbabwe was expelled from the commonwealth in 2002 for human rights abuses under Mugabe’s regime.

African Christianity is undergoing something of a crisis at present, with Scotland yard monitoring the101 black Evangelical churches in London alone, in the spotlight for people smuggling, witchcraft and bush meat crimes

An interesting anagram for evangelists is “evil angels”

T Stokes - Lecturer in Paranormal Studies

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