For the Ouija Board to work properly, 2 people must gently rest their fingers on the planchette. The Ouija Board supposedly works better when placed on the knees, but a table works fine. In the end, it's whether a spirit wishes to communicate or not that gives you the ultimate result, which depends not on where the board is placed.

Talk to Your Ouija Board

   The 'proper' way to start is to keep repeating, "Ouija, are you there?" until movement is felt. Small jerks are usually felt but result from slight twitching from one of the 'players'. When the spirit wishes to communicate, a strong sweep of the planchette will be felt as it navigates the Ouija Board and points at the word "Yes". If you see a look of surprise on your partner's face, it's usually a good indication that it's a genuine spirit. Keep in mind, laughing and giggling usually results in aggravating the spirit and will keep them from communicating - or sometimes making them violent or verbally offensive.

Is it a Good Spirit?

   Next step is to ask the spirit if they're from the sun or moon ("Where are you from?" sounds less cheesey but may not be specific for your question). They will point to one of the pictures on the Ouija Board. A sun spirit is considered good while the moon is bad, however, not all spirits can be trusted so pay attention to their behaviour to judge for yourself.

Respect the Dead

   Once you have contact, ask questions about them to find out who they are before asking personal questions about yourself. Spirits are bad spellers and sometimes shorten the words to save time. One thing to remember: when asked how old they are, be specific on how old they were when they died. A 35 year old woman who died 8 years before will tell you she's 8 unless you specify 'at time of death'. Some spirits may become upset when pried with questions on their life, so show respect. They may have lost their physical body, but they still have human feelings like you.

Ask Questions

   Find out who your future wife or husband will be. What job will you have in 5 years? What's the astral plane like? What kind of music did they listen to? Anything. (Lottery numbers never seem to work...). If you're running out of questions but still having fun, see how fast they can do figure 8's with the planchette (almost more fun than asking questions!!). *Figure 8's can sometimes mean you've angered the spirit - see note below.*

When to End Communication

   Don't be scared. Imagine you are conversing with a new friend sitting beside you. Treat them like a person and they'll show you respect in return. As some humans have bad attitudes, their negativity will be carried with them beyond death. If the spirit shows aggression, end communication - but still in the proper way.

Goodbye, Ouija Board

   When you feel it is time to end the coversation, let the spirit know you are stopping communication. Be sure to say "Goodbye" and watch for the planchette to point to the word "Goodbye" on the Ouija Board. If they fail to do so, say it again. This is the hang-up on the call. Without it, they could (according to some) remain connected to some form of 'doorway' into this world, however, the more you learn about spirits, the less this seems necessary for them - but there's no point in taking chances.

From a recent email:

From the ouija board section.. The vigorous figure eights is very bad news. Means you've angered the spirit, and that could be so dangerous.

My response:

You're right and I suppose I should have mentioned that. With my own experience, however, when I angered the spirit I didn't get figure 8's - I got threats. The figure 8's were done out of fun with a friendly spirit. We had those 8's moving so fast we could barely keep our fingers on the planchette. Figure 8's from a new spirit don't necessarily mean you've angered it either - sometimes it's just a pattern they make to let you know they're there. All spirits are different and once a single spirit becomes connected with your board you'll learn on your own how to interpret its actions.

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