Dear Doug,

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know an experience of mine. Recently (within the last few months), a friend of mine and myself were using a ouija board to speak with a spirit we have come to know rather well. I never paid and attention to the sun or moon on the ouija board but I did know the accepted belief of a good spirit (sun) and bad spirit (moon). However, I brought the subject up in conversation with the spirit and it clarified to me that was in fact incorrect and that either the sun or moon could be either good or bad. The spirit told me that the sun or moon actually tells the type of being you're in contact with rather than their "alignment". The sun signifies a god/angel/devil where as the moon signifies a spirit. I believe it could have gone into more detail as I believe there are more beings that may fall under the sun, but the spirit is rather reluctant to give up certain details as it would be a violation of "the rules". The only reason I bring this up for you is I was simply trying to find if any others have ever received a similar explanation of the sun and moon from a ouija board. Also I thought it might be helpful to share an alternative take on those symbols for others.

Thank you,

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