I came across this list of tips, most by Martin Attlins, but with additions and renditions by yours truly, and thought that with the amount of traffic I receive from people looking for Ouija Board information, they might be useful. Hope you enjoy them.

An additional 5 tips were submitted below.

10 Tips

1. Never use the Ouija Board alone. Always have another person's fingers on the planchette (the pointer that moves over the board) besides your own. According to some, using a board by yourself can open a doorway, allowing a spirit to possess your body. True or not, do you really want to chance that? Always have a friend with you and you'll never have to worry. Just make sure it's someone you trust not to play jokes with the board or act immaturely towards the ghost.

2. Try not to be afraid of the spirit, unneccessarily that is. If it's a good spirit, getting over your fear and holding a friendly conversation with him/her can help you connect with your subconscious.

3. Before asking about yourself, find out more about the spirit you're speaking with before deciding if you would like to continue. Use all the details given to judge for yourself if the spirit appears good or evil. Don't forget that spirits are just as capable of making up stories as living humans, so use your intuition. If possible, verify the answers.

4. If the spirit claims to be a celebrity, chances are they weren't. Not only does that remind me of a spirit claiming to be Jimi Hendrix, even telling us the chords to his lost song, but it brings to mind the seance in one of the Bill and Ted movies where the lady claims to have been Joan of Arc in a past life. Except in rare occasions, celebrity = fake. But like the last tip, verify the spirit's details over the internet if you have to. Who knows, you might get lucky.

5. Try not to ask questions that will scare you as some spirits will feed on your fear. Even if the spirit can tell you when you will, not only do you really want to know, but you won't know if they're serious or not. Just because they're a step closer to the Akashic Records (where all wisdom is stored for those who believe in it), doesn't mean they've yet learned to access it.

6. Limit the amount of time you spend using your Ouija Board. Keep it down to only a handful of hours each week, if that. Too much use can almost be like an addiction and some spirits might just use that to their advantage.

7. Take any precautions your religion/beliefs may suggest. Cast a circle before the session and close it at the end. Keep a rosary on the table. Anything you can think of to lessen the risk of communicating with an evil spirit is wise. Sure, you can get along fine without it, as I used to, but why risk it if you have the means and the knowledge.

8. Keep your eyes on the planchette. Never leave it unattended. If it constantly goes to all four corners or does figure eights, sometimes at alarming speed, this can indicate that you have an evil spirit, although, as mentioned in another article, I have used figure eights with a good spirit, but I also knew and trusted her. If these things happen, immediately flip over the planchette and use it upside down.

9. If at any time during your conversations you feel the spirit becoming hostile, immediately say goodbye and put the board away.

10. If the time ever comes where you would like to dispose of your Ouija Board, don't burn it. Some people say the proper way is to break it into seven pieces, then sprinkle it with holy water, salt, or whatever your beliefs suggest. Some people say to bring it to a church, even leaving it on the steps, allowing a priest to bless it. Why so much trouble over a Ouija Board? Think of the energy that was focused upon it. You opened a gateway into the astral plane, and those energies - both good and bad - can remain inside the board, which can also leave the portal open.

Shortly after posting this article, I received an email from a visitor, June, who had some great tips to add. Rather than make a separate page, I'm going to add them here.


I have been an avid ouija board user, this is only because of my success with it. Nothing harmful has happened to me only positive experiences with real spirits.

My concern lies with those that don't use it properly and giving ouija a bad name.

There are a few aspects to ouija where I haven't seen online anywhere when it comes to proper use.

I'd like to share my process where I've learned from experienced users and this way has always been peaceful and successful.

Before anything we have two tall white candles we light them and place them at the corners of the board. This brings only good spirits and energy. (This is taught by a Wiccan)

First we gather whomever that wants to play, usually its me and my 2 other friends. We then sit down on the floor indian style, knees touching. Contact is supposed to help the connection for the questions we ask and with the spirit. (Good for the beginning, but you can move around after the a awhile)

Second we all say a prayer to protect ourselves and our board. it is a simple protection prayer we've made up over the years. This ensures good spirits and a positive experience.

Third We clean the board, which means switching the planchette between yes and no until we feel its "clean"

Fourth We begin asking questions of course of the spirits first then yourself. We have learned that spirits are genderless and they will answer accordingly. Also NEVER ask questions that have to do with religion, because ouija is purely spiritual and should not be disturbed by asking things about God or whatever.

Fifth After asking your questions, clean the board and thank them, and then point your planchette on goodbye. blow out candles.

****please be sure to clean the board between each question (wiping between yes and no) after you get an answer, clean. this helps the spirit give precise answers. Because of this I've encountered some spirits with great spelling!

this way of playing has made me comfortable playing with the board and everyone that has joined us has felt the same. there's really no accurate directions on the internet and i feel that's why people have had bad experiences.

I hope you would share this process with others so everyone can have a safe and positive experience.

Thank you,

June Hopefully these tips help those of you just starting out, or even those that have used Ouija Boards in the past. Now that this is over, I suddenly have the urge to buy another board. Trust me - they can be fun.

This is Martin Attlins website. It's a paysite and a little expensive for my liking but he has some good information.

Visit: Ouija Board Secrets.Info to understand the principle behind the Ouija, why it works, who it works for, and how you can use one safely. It is both fascinating and informative.

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