I don't know of you have a topic on BEP(black eyed people) or BEK(black eyed kids). But I had an experience with two of them when I was younger.

It was in winter in 2001. I was playing in the snow in the back of my house when the snow that was falling started to come down even faster. I looked up from the snow angel I was making and saw these two kids, a boy and a girl. They weren't bundled up like I was in my winter clothes, but they were wearing something you would wear in the spring. The girl started to walk forward and asked me if I could help her. I got up and looked at her. I felt really weird, like I should have started to run. I noticed that her eyes were black, not just the part that's suppose to have color but the whole eye, including the white part. I started to back up, and I ran into the house. I told my mom but when she looked outside she said she didn't see anything, but the kids were still standing outside.

After a few years I did some research on them, and found out that they have been known to ask for help. And they are usually children, but sometimes could be adults (BEP). -Lunea

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