August, 1887 - In a cave near Banjos, Spain, two children appeared that could not speak Spanish. Their eyes looked Oriental, their clothes were of unfamiliar material, and their skin was green!
   The children did not eat at first and the boy died. The girl survived and soon learned some Spanish. She claimed they came from a sunless land and that one day a whirlwind picked her and the boy up and dropped them in the cave. This only added to the mystery surrounding the children. In 1892, she died, leaving the rest of the puzzle unfinished.
   The story is similar to another report going all the way back to 11th century England where another boy and girl were found in a cave. Again their skin was green and they claimed to come from a sunless land.
   This could possibly go under the aliens & ufo's section of the site, but I'd rather not put it there cause nobody knows. It sounds something along the lines of the Starchild but again, who knows? It's just another little story I like so I share it with you.

(Colin Wilson - Enigmas and Mysteries)

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