So you want to try seeing your aura, eh? I'll show you some tricks to seeing it. This is by no means fool-proof but anyone can try it.

First off, you're probably expecting to see what colour (I'm Canadian eh! - here it's coloUr, not color - no idea why) your aura is. Thing is, there's more than one. You might be able to see 3!

You're going to want to stand in front of a mirror, at least 2 feet away. You should have a white backdrop or some kind of light colour behind you. The light in the room should not be too light or too dark. It's harder to see in darkness and light will drown the colours out.

"Unfocus" your eyes so that you're staring through yourself at the wall or backdrop behind. Sway slightly back and forth. As you continue to slowly sway, you should eventually see some sort of mist around your body. This could happen instantly or it could take an hour. It might not happen at all!

You should start to see a light blue/grayish (sometimes white) mist about an inch from your body. This is what is known as the phsycial auric body. From there to about 6 inches from your body is another light-blue or gray mist known as the etheric auric body. This will mix together with the vital auric body - where the colours are.

The vital auric body starts about 6 inches from your body and is full of very bright colours. Normally a person will have only 1 or 2 colours in the vital aura. These colours reflect the person's feelings & health, as well as many other factors which make us who we are.

The trick is in the way you "unfocus" your eyes. You might have to play with them a little bit. Honestly, I've tried a couple times for about half an hour each time and never saw more than the gray mist steaming off about an inch around my body. I think it was a combination between not fully "unfocusing" my eyes and having too much light.

Years ago I had a picture taken using Kirlian Photography. My aura was a darker red with yellow specks throughout. I also had white around the chest area. If I could find the picture I'd put it up here. Next time there's a psychic fair (where they often have the Kirlian photographers) I'll see about getting another picture done to see if my colours have changed.

If you have a picture of yourself you'd like displayed, feel free to

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I finally managed to get a new picture of my aura with explanations of the included colours. Take a look at the Kirlian photography example here.

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