My name is Kenneth Dickerson.

Iíve been taking Kirlian photos since 1970ís. In the 1980ís a woman told me that she was an investigator and at that time she was investigating Kirlian photography. She wanted me to come to her apartment because she wanted to try some experiments, which I agreed to. In the past 10 years of taking these photos, the background of each photo was always a brown color some times dark and some times a light brown I had always noticed this.

While at the apartment I began taking Kirlian photos and receive a big surprise because all of the pictures had the same green colored backgrounds. I mentioned that this was the first time that I had ever seen green background in the photos.

I donít remember what but something happened and we decided to move the Kirlian camera to a different location in the same room. Lo and behold the photos were coming out with the regular brown background. Naturally I started thinking Ďwhat was the reason for this change of colorí. And immediately I noticed that in the area that the camera was first set up in, 3 or 4 feet away the camera was some beautiful plants were growing. I then realized that I had been photographing the aura that was coming from the plants. And now that I had moved away from the plant far enough out of the range of itís aura I was no longer photographing it.

I wrote this in response to an email I received from a friend titled ďAre Plants PsychicĒ. The note showed that plants have some kind of mind and can and do think, they have a memory that records whatís going on around them. All of this has been proven itís not some wild speculation its fact.

Plants are like people they have a consciousness, which can think and they give off an aura, which can be photographed. I wonder if someone passed a laser light through the aura of a plant would you be able to see what the plant has seen. This would be great for crime detection.

You can go to my web site at this link: www.dickkerson2win.com

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