by T Stokes

   At last science has fallen in to line with the rest of us. Scientists now say that they have identified the part of the brain that covers the sixth sense, and particularly warns us of coming danger. The findings based on the numbers of Sri-lankan tribes-people, and animals that somehow sensed all was not right and escaped to high land immediately before the Boxing day Tsunami, thus saving themselves from the disaster. Co-author of the studies Joshua Brown, based at Washington University at St.louis claimed that this part of the brain figures things out without you knowing how, from the anterior cingulate cortex , a brain area near the top of the frontal cortex.
   The latest research says it acts as a pre-warning in anticipation of possible problems. This confirms previous research by the likes of Prof. Robert crookall and others. The present findings published in the Journal “Science” are in direct conflict with the modern psychological school who say there are no such thing as “psychics”.
   In a stinging reply, my colleague Dr. John Hopton lecturer in the sciences made the claim that, "Psychology is just 'hogwash.'" Quack psychologists like Susan Blackmore, and Richard Wiseman, perhaps do understand psychology, but are just not equipped to make comments on the T.V about psychic abilities, and just look like fools.
   But science itself is suspect, these are the people who told us the world was flat, and there were no such thing as giant squid, this weeks findings show that records of giant squid were not only true, but on these giant squid were sucker marks of even bigger squid! And on march 2nd 2006 an even bigger giant squid larger than a London bus was put on show at Central London natural History museum, with 6 metre tentacles. The latest is that the “furry lobster” said by scientists to be a hoax, has been endorsed as genuine.
   So much for these science experts!

T Stokes - Lecturer in Paranormal Studies

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