Wiccan Supplies

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Wiccan supplies can be hard to come by sometimes, and when you are lucky enough to find them, it is an extra challenge finding high quality items at a decent price. I have compiled a couple things that you will need should you attempt the spells that are in my ebooks, but most of the items I include can be found around your house. As a quick note, I cannot vouch for the quality of the Wiccan supplies I have listed because I have not used the particular items myself (all of my supplies I either make, or get from a local store in my area). I had a look through the reviews and they seem to be the best candidates for the job. Good luck with all of your endeavors and Blessed be!


Wiccan supplies


Prices Vary Depending on What You Get

The seller linked below carries a large variety (both in color and kind) of candles. Have a click through to see if they have what you need!

Candle Snuffer

About $9 - Prices Vary Based on Product

Although it is not an absolutely necessary item to have, it is nice to be able to snuff out your candles without having to blow them out or in some cases hold them at awkward angles to extinguish them.


$10 for this particular model

The Athame is the ritual knife used in many traditions of Wicca as well as other neopagan religions.

This particular model comes with a plain handle so that you can carve symbols into it if you wish.

Rose Quartz

About $2 - $5 for 1 piece

Rose quartz helps to heal the heart after some sort of emotional damage. Used in spells designed to get over relationships and attract new love at the same time.