Biggest Mental Roadblocks When it Comes to Spell Casting

By July 25, 2015Uncategorized

Some of the Biggest Mental Roadblocks

when it comes to spell casting

This will be a quick post that outlines some of the biggest roadblocks I have encountered when I try to cast spells.

The first (and most cumbersome) I will discuss is the belief that you will fail.

As I discussed in my Basics of Magick post, the belief that you will fail before you have even begun is often the most debilitating and difficult to overcome.

Defeating this roadblock differs for every person, so I will just tell how you I managed it.

It all began as my magick journey started, and I had nowhere else to turn. I was lost, and had no other choice but to believe I could succeed. Unfortunately, in the back of my mind I did not believe this at all, but I tried anyway.

As you might expect, this did not lead to any results. However, I kept trying and trying, and eventually I began to see minor improvements in my love life.

It was then that I fully began to understand (and believe in) the power that magick holds. I began believing and putting more effort into my spell casting.

Soon after I found success, and ever since then, I have been able to cast successful spells. Soon after this, I began working on creating my own spells. This was no easy task, and deflated my head a little bit. However, I still believed in myself and in my abilities, and was able to conquer this hurdle as well.

Now I have cast over 10,000 successful spells, and created almost as many that have shown success for other casters.

What I will leave you with is this: Believe in yourself, and you will be successful. Not just with spell casting, but with anything in life.

Now go out there and start believing!

Blessed Be!