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Have you had a hard time finding spells that work?

Are you afraid of trying because you believe you will fail?

If the answer is YES, then continue reading. See How I changed the answer for myself, and how you can do it too!

My name is Furva Rhosyn, and I too once shared your concerns. I have been a practitioner for more than two years, and believe me, I have failed many times. 

It was only when I began really believing in the power of magick, that I began finding success with my spells. The sooner I forgot I had cast a spell, the sooner my requests were answered!

I began casting love spells (as many young witches do) and after failing many, many times, soon found myself embroiled in a loving and passionate relationship that has carried on for 4 years! My friends began asking me how I managed to keep the fire of our love lit, as their relationships eventually crumbled, and when I told them, they didn’t believe me.

Eventually, my friend found out her boyfriend had been seeing another woman and was devastated. I cast a spell to bring new love into her life and two months later she met her current fiancee.

Ever since then, my friends have been clamoring for me to cast spells for their every desire. I had cast so many, that I began collecting every spell I used and putting it into one resource. Thus, my spell books were born, and now I am releasing them all to you!

All the hard work put into thinking of, and testing spells has been done for you! All you need to do now is follow my easy-to-read guidelines (just like my friends did) and you will see the results you wish.

It is important to note however, that magick is not a guarantee! If you find one spell does not work for you, try another! And always remember, the sooner you have forgotten you cast the spell, the sooner it will work for you.